What For?

At the Social Good Association, we strive to produce“social good”.

Social Good is defined by activities that make an intellectual or practical contribution to individuals and society. The activities utilize elements based on education, learning, production, skill development, knowledge exchange, communication and experiments.

We find it important to think universally and work locally; we carry out our activities with regional, national and international collaborations.

We favor transparency, innovation and ethical values in our activities.

Our activity designs are based on variety, comprehensiveness and open-door concepts.

We aim to achieve progress in solution generation and learning processes with different perspectives.

For Whom?

The Bergama Social Good Workshops are designed for youth, students, civil society, academics, working class and local people. We aspire to be a mediator for attendees to produce, share and develop with intellectual and practical workshops. They are designed for social good by people from different disciplines.

We want to contribute to the education of kids, youth and locals on the local level, work for civil society on a national level, tutor in different fields, and support those who would like to share their experiences. We aim to contribute to Bergama, a UNESCO Cultural Heritage site, and support its existence in the history of civilization.