Cuisine Exchange Workshop – BERGAMA

At Cuisine Exchange Workshops, local women will cook their dishes in the villages of Bergama, and recipes will be recorded and published on video and in writing alongside the guests that will come to village kitchen.

Experimental Leadership Workshop

Experimental Leadership Workshop aims for its participants to discover their talents, increase their self-monitoring through practice and support their steps in life with this provided knowledge.

What is the content of Experimental Leadership?

Experimental Leadership Workshop consists of presentations and workshops that include individual and sub-group workshops, which are supported through feedback processes that include a preparation process and post-workshop compositions.

Participants are expected to view individual leadership as a process, a means to share, to find common grounds, abilities and support. The workshop takes at its base the personal expansion from production, creation, process contribution and its evaluation, feedback ability, sustainable communication, transfer/share of experiment, subjective steps, self-criticism/realistic self-monitoring and individuals leading their own life.

Workshop is planned for students from ages 15 to 25 and lasts 2 days.


BergamaWorkshop is envisioned to be a design and application workshop where children and young people evaluate various subjects related to Bergama on the grounds of design and research, a mental and physical activity which allows study and share of them with participants from Bergama or elsewhere.

With the Bergama Design Workshop, the aim is to make the children and young people of the target and surrounding regions to establish contact with design disciplines through workshops and meetings, gain experience to detect and solve problems, get education to produce what they think and design, share experiences with different focus groups and thus, communicate with the region’s local culture through design tools. Children and young people will construct their local problem detection processes through workshops, develop means of communication with the public and improve social dialogue by following methods created by different design disciplines.

Nature Workshop

We are building or assisting structuring and constructing natural production workshops that will help support local production development through establishing contact with the nature.

In the Bergama Good Works – Nature Workshop, workshops and stations will be established with two distinctive scopes, theoretical and practical. Nature Workshops will be active during every season. The workshop will be active for up to 200 people daily including volunteers. The workshop will also be open to those who utilize the multi-functional areas around it. Along with working stations, special areas are planned for presentations, eco-farming, stock-farming, guest kitchen, reading, recreation and a camping site.

Bergama Crossroads Inn

A project house is planned to be built in Bergama to be used as a common working area. Individuals and groups that wish to work in different fields within the Inn, will be able to utilize it to both work and accommodate.

BERGAMA CROSSROADS INN Project House will become a reality in 2018 in collaboration with Good Works Association. Work groups will both accommodate and work or study in the specially designed project rooms and areas within in the project house.

The primary objective of project houses, which have various examples in Europe, is to create isolated and focused common grounds for various professions and social groups. BERGAMA CROSSROADS INN will be an interaction point for people to meet with knowledge and experience. Project groups that participate in GID workshops will also manage their works in CROSSROADS INN from time to time.

Vault – Cogitation Workshop

It is a 4-day experimental workshop with the aim to develop abilities regarding differences in social life, respecting and listening to opinions, communication and interaction skills and cogitation capabilities regarding universal views, approaches and ways of life.

The cogitation workshop will be facilitated by Bergama volunteers and students from different cities in 5 days and at 14 different locations and will be supported by 8 philosophy teachers, 10 volunteer practitioners and Best Buddies Turkey.

GID House

We have recently opened an association house. GID House is open for all who intend to work for the association and need short-term accommodation for this purpose.

It is a center and an office for our work on social issues, which we want to share with all who come to the Good Works House and spend time in here. This area was created to allow making, sharing and developing good works…